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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Setting up Hot Folder (Newbie question)

It appears you are trying to setup a remote hotfolder. The directions to do so are in this Forum case: 

In Summary these are the main steps:

  1. Add the Windows Credentials of the PC where the browser is located to the FFCore Server
  2. Use Core Configure on the FFCore server to setup the database connection
  3. Add a hotfolder to the PC where the browser is located
  4. Add file folder content required for a hotfolder (e.g., Process folder) to the hotfolder
  5. Specify the location (e.g., \\\c$\Users\john.doe\Desktop\Hot\Hot1 in the FFCore hotfolder GUI
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Setting up Hot Folder (Newbie question)

Hello all! sorry for the newbie question, can't find this in the documentation. I've set up a new hot folder on the free flow software. Now i'm trying to point a users PC at the newly created folder. The hot folder that already exisits is setup as a desktop shortcut, which is just \\IPADDRESS\HOTFOLDERNAME

when trying to set this up similarly for the new folder, windows does not find this path on the network. Is another setting needed to make this happen?

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