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Re: Setting up a custom banner page

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Re: Setting up a custom banner page

Yes - if you look at the job ticketing in FFCore there is an option to define the number of "leading banner pages". That will tell the DFE that the first n pages are banner pages.

Note - the Fiery only supports 1 leading banner page.


You should be able to create that PDF page with all content in FFCore. If you look at the EasyStart workflows, there's an example of this sort of workflow.

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Setting up a custom banner page



I'm wanting to create a custom topsheet for our iGen jobs. 


Ideally I would like the top page of the stack to be exactly the same as all others below but with a barcode on each imposed file. 


I can add the barcodes to the file sperately I just need the iGen to notice that that page is only to be printed once as the top sheet. Can I do this by defining 1 page banner sheet and using a 3 page file?


Hope this makes sense. 


Thanks for your help.

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