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Re: Simplex vs Duplex

About all ticketing (whether plex, stapling or anything else beyon the quantity and media you can define via manifest columns).


I would suggest that you generate a print ticket during submission and then add a column to the manifest with the URI to that print ticket.

The print ticket format (XPIF) is fairly simple and will cover everything that can be defined in a printer destination job ticketing.


The simplest way to see the required XML:

  • Build a workflow with a printer destination that has the ticket settings of interest and a save process node that saves the workflow job ticket
  • Submit any job
  • Open the XPIF file and have your system generate that XML as the print ticket

You might also want to try shaving that XPIF to the absolute minimum content and submit that to FFCore to see what's the absolute minium XML required for FFCore to process the job ticket.


That should simplify your workflow since the plex and stapling will be defined in the incoming job ticket.

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Simplex vs Duplex

Using a Manifest that includes two fields, one is the number of simplex pages, and the other is the number of duplex pages.  They are mutually exclusive. Ie if we have a number in the simplex field, then the duplex field is a zero.  Opposite is also true.


Do we have to have a seperate printer destination setup in our printer node? We currently have two printer destinations for each of our devices, one is duplex, one is simplex.  We are choosing the printer destination via the routing rules within the Printer Node.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

Same goes for stapling, we need to have 4 different printers setup for staple landscape and staple portrait. simplex and duplex versions of each.  For some odd reason our client sometimes wants to staple simplex pages! Silly clients. :-)

Troy Fischer

Henry Wurst Inc


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