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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Software Design Feedback

Thanks for the feedback. I understand the concerns. I'll take this up with development.

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Frequent Member

Software Design Feedback

Hello Support,

I thought I should post this feedback on the design of your software as it is becoming frustrating to use at times.

There are 2 key points that I think should be looked into, hopefully with then next update.

1. The PressMark node: The fields that we need to enter for the Horizontal and Vertical Start and End lines is not wide enough. I can not see the whole number and looking at other nodes, I see similar fields that have been widened. Example below you can see those fields only show the 3 digits including the dot.


2. Scroll Bars: Can we have slightly wider scroll bars, Sometimes they are too thin to get a hold of with the mouse pointer.

scroll bar.JPG

And that is it for now.

Hopefully, not too much to ask for, for developers to look into.

Just widen up some fields and the scroll bars.

Thanks for listening.