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Re: Some PDFs will not optimize to low res

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Solved: In Callas PDF Toolbox I added just about every remove/discard option listed (Discard all embedded files, Remove alternate images, etc, 18 total) to a profile and added that to a preflight. Not sure which one fixed the problem but now my output file is the correct size for a low-res file.
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Some PDFs will not optimize to low res

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I have some PDFs created using InDesign, nothing special, but when I try various methods of reducing the file size, stay at very close to their original filesize ... 303mb vs the original 319mb in this case. 

I've checked the images in Acrobat using Pitstop and they are being reduced down to 96dpi and an audit of space usage shows that images are still accounting for 99% of the file size.

I've tried the optimize module, tried Callas built in Online Publishing profile, tried custom Callas profiles, but I always get the same result.

If I take the 'optimized file' from Core and save as optimized PDF in Acrobat it instantly produces a 500kb file.

I tried flattening transparency prior to putting it through Core, and that makes the initial file a lot smaller, but it still doesn't make the low res file low res.

In the optimize module I tried turning on the recompress color/grey images, remove invisible object data, and reduce 16bit images to 8bit.

I've tried using a Callas preflight to recompress the images after the optimize to zip compression.

Nothing seems to work other than opening the file in Acrobat and saving as optimized which I wanted to avoid.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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