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Re: Specifying Quantity for press

If this is indeed not working as expected please submit it as an escalation.


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Re: Specifying Quantity for press



I have exactly the same result with manual or max.
I have a FFCore version
In the XPIF, the integer amount = 100 and not 5.



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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Specifying Quantity for press

Hi Tim,

The Imposition node in FreeFlow Core will divide the submitted number of copies by the number of repeated cells on the page.

So for 21 up imposed job, if you submit 100 copies via MAX, the job ticket sent to the printer will request 5 copies.

If this is not a case on your system, ensure you upgrade your software to the latest version.



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Specifying Quantity for press

If I have a workflow that steps up a document in the impo node using "repeat"


eg. repeated  business card 21up on an SRA3 sheet


Then when i submit the job and specify a quantity or use an XPIF ticket or MAX to specify the amount required. How do we automate the correct number of sheets printed on the press.


As far as I can see if I order 100 business cards I will get 100 sheets of a 21 up sheet and this will need to be amended to 5 sheets at the DFE (FreeFlow).


Am I correct in my assumption and is there a way within Core to account for quantity and steped up work automatically, can Core distinguish between sheets and documents?





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