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Erick Valued Member
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Split Evens Odds

We are in need of converting the odd pages of a document to grayscale while keeping the color pages color. We initially thought that we would need to split the pages, convert the odd pages to grayscale, then re-merge the pages where they should be. Not having luck with that.

Any ideas on how to convert all odd pages of a document to grayscale?

Thank you,


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Xerox Analyst PerF-Xerox
Xerox Analyst

Re: Split Evens Odds

The attached Workflow will convert odd pages to Grayscale. It will convert all objects to Grayscale using a “Dot gain 15%” ICC profile.

The workflow uses three components. FIrst it “tags” the odd pages. For this I have used the Resize component and set the Art box to 10 by 10 mm on the odd pages only. Second component is a Preflight which converts all objects to Grayscale on pages where the Art box is exactly 10 by 10 mm. Lastly the Art box is removed.Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 14.45.46.png

Import the workflow file “Convert_Odd_Pages_To_Grayscale.ffc” using the “Core Exchange”.

The Preflight profiles is made with PDF Tool Box but could also be created with Acrobat Pro. Theese two images show the settings if you want to use other profile settings. Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 14.54.59.pngSelection of what should be convertedScreenshot 2020-01-05 at 14.55.22.pngProfile settings

This workflow is kind of a workaround to get what you want. I think it would be a good feature request if we could get Page selections for the “Manage Color” component. Then we could do this kind of changes using on one Component.


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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator DavidU54339-XRX
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Split Evens Odds

Nice solution.

I have an extension -- I've added a preflight profile that eliminates the need for the Resize node. The attached profile uses Gamma 1.8 on the odd pages. See Callas PDF ToolBox screen snaps.