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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Split + Imposition + Join: performance decrease on large VDP jobs

This is not a known behavior. The best way to solve the problem is to contact Xerox support to enable us to obtain the information necessary to understand/fix the problem. Thanks.

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Split + Imposition + Join: performance decrease on large VDP jobs


FFCore 6.1.2 with AP, AA and OM.

We have quite large PDF-VT VDP jobs with 2 duplex pages per record, that we want to impose 18 pages per sheet.

We decided to design a workflow with:

  • an initial Split component (Split by: Segments, Divide into Fixed Page Segments, Number of pages 36, Maintain Sub Job Order)
  • another Split component (Split by: Pages, 2 branch conditions: All Pages Odd + All Pages Even)
  • an Imposition component per each of the above Branch Conditions (Page Order: Sequential)
  • a Join component, to gather the result of the Odd and Even impositions
  • a Save component

The output file looks as we expected:

  • first sheet with the 18 first "front pages" imposed
  • second sheet with the 18 first "back pages" imposed
  • third sheet with the next 18 "front pages" imposed
  • etc.

However, we noticed that the processing time gets worse, depending on the number of records we process:

  • 500 records (1000 pages) ==> 56 sheets: 00h01'03", i.e. about 8 records per second
  • 1000 records (2000 pages) ==> 112 sheets: 00h02'41", i.e. about 6 records per second
  • 2000 records (4000 pages) ==> 224 sheets: 00h09'36", i.e. 3.5 records per second
  • 3000 records (6000 pages) ==> 334 sheets: 00h22'32", i.e. 2.2 records per second

Is this a known behavior?

Is there another option, to efficiently impose such large, duplex VDP?