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Re: Supported printer

There are two possibilities:


It may very well work as is - IPP implementations go back quite a way with FFPS. We query via SNMP to identify the DFE type and then query for queues and attributes via IPP. I would make sure those are enabled and try to connect. Thats not something that would be supported but our printing stack is meant to be agnostic to the specific print engine model. As long as the DFE returns accurate capabilities you are unlikely to have problems.


The other alternative would be to use FFPrintManager-APP. That supports all legacy printers and has a CLI interface that can be used with the external component in FFC. You can pass the job file ($FFin$) and the job ticket ($FFxpf$) to FFPM-APP via a CLI call.

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Supported printer



I would like to connect FFCore to an iGen3  release 6.0 SP2 (62.B1.73.xsis).

This printer is not in the printers list from the release note pdf, so what is the solution to print from FFCore to iGen3 ?

Because I'm not sur that IPP implemented on this release FFPS.


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