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TIFF files for input

Can FF Core accept TIFF data files as input? We would need to take these TIFF files ingest, read and then create a multi-page output similar to reading in PDF files as data input. The output could certainly be PDF which is the workflow result that Core outputs.


I know that the Core documentation shows that it accepts TIFF as an input, so would Core create PDF output that the text is readable and not just an image?




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Re: TIFF files for input

We do accept TIFF images and convert them to PDF.


However, the output will still be raster content. TIFFs do not contain text or vector content and FFCore does not include OCR or tracing functionality.


Other considerations: 

  • OCR may come close in appearance in some cases but in all cases there would be discernible differences in appearance between the raster input and the resultant text.
  • Tracing works best with relatively simple content but even in those cases there will be quite apparent differences between the raster input and the vector output. Also, tracing is generally unsuited to text content.
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Re: TIFF files for input

Thanks Javier for the quick response and info!
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