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TheChainer Frequent Member
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Time-line for "Completed Jobs" queue

Is there a way to change how long a job will stay in the "Completed Jobs" queue?


There's an internal need here for jobs to stay for upwards of three days once they reach the "Completed" state.



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Re: Time-line for "Completed Jobs" queue

I send the information via private message.

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brassabeck New Member
New Member

Re: Time-line for "Completed Jobs" queue

If I could get this info also that would be great. We have the same issue. Thanks -Brass

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Uwaise.a New Member
New Member

Re: Time-line for "Completed Jobs" queue

Hi Chainer / Brass,

There a config switch  at: /Program Files/Xerox Freeflow Core/mantisService.exe

The line is <add key="oapJobRetention" value="86400" /> 

The default value 86400 works out to 24 hours. So if you need to retain the completed jobs for 3 days , you need to set this value to 259200 ( or accordingly) .


Hope this works .!

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