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Re: Unable to copy or edit a Workflow

Just noticed that the Route node in question has an "Orange Triangle with !" warning on the preset.
AM guessing there is a corruption somewhere on the preset, I will try and re import that preset from previous back up.


However as note this specific Preset is being used OK on a different workflow!

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Frequent Member

Unable to copy or edit a Workflow

Hi all,

I am trying to edit a workflow and the issue is twofold and probably related.

Firstly the workflow in question is unable to be edited or copied, ie both buttons for this are dimmed out.(There are no jobs processing on this workflow)

Secondly if I try to export the Workflow in order to back it up before editing it failes with this message:

Failed to decode preset Route:Route by Sections used by workflows: wfbooklet

If I IMPORT a previously backed up/exported copy of the same workflow it has the same issue.

Is there a problem with this preset which is causing the workflow to be uneditable?

Any help appreciated



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