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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Eric-Xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Unimpose Reader Spreads - Without Split and Route

There have been previous Posts that described out to unimpose a Reader Spread using Split and Route components.  These components are part of the Advanced Automation option.  Here is a method using page ranges of the Duplicate and Resize components, which are included with Advanced Prepress.


First the original file:


1. Reader Spread.png


The workflow is:

3. Workflow.png

As the names imply each node will only modify the center pages by using a page range of 2 to -2 (2nd to the last page).  Remember that -1 refers to the last page in a document.  The first and last page will be unaffected.


Since each page will be cropped in half and both halves are needed, duplicate the center pages:

4. Duplicate Center Pages.png


Then using Resize, crop the Even pages starting with the 2nd page until the 2nd to last page and only keep the left half.

5 Resize Center Pages Left (Even) Content.png

6 Resize Center Pages Left (Even) Placement - small.png


Now using Resize, crop the Odd pages starting with the 2nd page until the 2nd to last page and only keep the Right half.

7 Resize Center Pages Right (Odd) Content.png

8. Resize Center Pages Right (Odd) Placement - small.png


The final result are 1 up PDF file pages:


2. Final 1 up PDF File.png


Attached is the FreeFlow Core 5.1 FFC file (in a ZIP) that can be imported using Core Exchange.  And a sample PDF File.

The workflow includes Pause nodes that can be removed after validation on your system.

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