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Using the External component to print via FFPrintManager-APP

FreeFlow Core limits support for older printers as it relies on dynamic discovery of DFE type (SNMP), queues and job ticketing attributes (IPP). The required functionality is missing or inaccurate in legacy printers. FreeFlow Core may connect unsupported printers, however, those printers remain unsupported should issues arise.


However, it is possible to connect to print to these legacy printers in a supported manner when using FFCore in conjunciton with FreeFlow Print Manager - Advanced Print Path.


FFPM-APP uses the legacy printing stack which supports virtually all legacy xerox print engines. FFPM-APP also supports CLI printing. This funcitonality can be used in conjunction with the external component to allow FFCore to print to any printer that FFPM-APP supports.


The external node should be configured in the following manner:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.56.15 PM.png



The printer must be resigstered so that it is available in FFPM-APP (these are wholly separate from the printers in FFCore).

Once you do that you select the printer (from the list of printers configured within FFPM-APP) via the /Printer switch (use the custom printer name). That can be hardcoded in the FreeFlow Core preset or it can be specified via any of the $FF...$ FreeFlow Core variables.


The $FFxpf$ variable is used to pass the print ticket as it exists within FFCore. This print ticket is created during print submission and is used by the print component in FreeFlow Core.


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