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Re: Using variables in the printer node

The configuration below definitely looks like it should work. If there's a problem then it needs to go to the hotline for escalation to the development team.

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Re: Using variables in the printer node

Thanks for the suggestions Javier,

I have added a watermark and run some work.

Based on watermarked pdf output the information is parsing correctly.

However when I view the xpif or rip side settings (FFPS or EFI) I cannot see and sheet insert options.


Please see images below incase I have missed incorrectly set the print options?

Please also not that if I take out the variable and insert hard numbers I do not have this issue.

If everything below looks correct I will escalate my issue through the correct channels.





MAX (job title, insert sheets)

max data txt.png


Custom field for Inserts with comma delimiter and " text qualifier

incoming max fields.PNG


Watermark referencing custom field

watermarking variables.PNG


Rendered output of watermark page

watermark output.PNG

Print node sheet inserts

printer inserts.PNG


XPIF Data (formatted for easy reading) (no reference to sheet inserts)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE xpif SYSTEM "xpif-v02076.dtd">

<xpif version="1.0" cpss-version="2.07" xml:lang="en-US">


<document-format syntax="mimeMediaType">application/pdf</document-format></xpif-operation-attributes>


<copies syntax="integer">1</copies>

<finishings syntax="1setOf">

<value syntax="enum">3</value>


<imposition-source-orientation syntax="keyword">portrait</imposition-source-orientation>

<media-col syntax="collection" />

<separator-sheets syntax="collection" /></job-template-attributes>






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Re: Using variables in the printer node

The printer node supports variables like any other node. Can you add a watermark node with the variable before the print node? That should let you check the value that FFCore is parsing for the variable. Did you define the text qualifier in the MAX configuration?
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Using variables in the printer node


Is it possible to use MAX to set a custom field containing sheet insertion options (eg "1,10,15").


I have tried putting $FFCustomFieldName$ into the job tickets setting (see below).

I am not getting error message entering this rule though I also don't seem to be getting any results when I run a MAX file.

Are custom variables in the printer node supported?




print node

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