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Re: VIPP with media mappings and jdf jobticket

Assume you in a VIPP job have for instance:

(Plain:White:160) SETMEDIA


(Plain:Blue:100) SETMEDIA

When this is converted to PDF/VT in FFCore this will result in PDF metadata like this:

<</Duplex 1/MediaColor(White)/MediaType(Plain)/MediaWeight 160/PageHeight 841.888/PageWidth 595.274>>

<</Duplex 0/MediaColor(Blue)/MediaType(Plain)/MediaWeight 100/PageHeight 841.888/PageWidth 595.274>>

FFPS with at least v9 SP3 will use this metadata as the jobticket assuming you use APPE. Such metadata will however not work on a Fiery or FFPS prior to v9 SP3.

For converting to JDF, the attached script will convert the PDF metadata to XPIF. I have attached a sample VIPP job, the converted PDF, the scripts (one batch file and one Python script) and the resulting XPIF. To run the scripts, create an External Process as the first component in a workflow and point to the batch file using the parameters:

"$FFin$" "$FFout$" "$FFxpf$" "$FFwfJob.jobName$"

Also make sure you set the Options for the workflow to convert to PDF/VT.

As the second component in the workflow you can save as JDF.

The script assumes there is a C:\Temp\ folder.



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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: VIPP with media mappings and jdf jobticket

The media information within the vipp file will not become part of the saved jdf. The saved jdf is equivalent to the saved xpif which is the job ticketing that FFCore will apply to the job. 

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VIPP with media mappings and jdf jobticket


we use vipp in freeflow core 6.01.  The vipp contains different media mappings.

When we save the job with export jdf jobticket.  The media mappings, mixed plex are not translated in the jdf.  Printcontrollers : freeflow printserver , EFI .



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