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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Variable Data optional module disabled after upgrading to version

The Variable Data optional module enables FreeFlow Core to accept Xerox Variable Information Production PrintWare (VIPP®) jobs and automatically convert them to PDF or PDF/vt. In addition to VIPP Project Containers (.vpc), version adds the ability to convert VIPP (.dbf, .vpn, .nm, .lm) files as well. Additionally, files without an extension or with an unknown extension are processed through VIPP

conversion if they include VIPP commands. See the FreeFlow Core 4.0 Service Pack 3 Release Notes for more information.


If your FreeFlow Core configuration includes the Variable Data optional module, you will need to obtain a new license to enable this functionality when upgrading to FreeFlow Core or the module will be disabled. You will also need to obtain a new license for the backup module if your configuration includes this option.


If you obtained your original license online from the Xerox Software Activation Portal, you may

download a new license by entering your FreeFlow Core product Serial Number and the Activation Key for the VARIABLE DATA module on the portal and selecting ‘Retrieve Current License.’ After downloading the new license, upload the license file into FreeFlow Core and reboot the computer to reactivate the Variable Data module. If you obtained your license from a Xerox Licensing Center, contact your local the Licensing Center or Xerox Support for assistance obtaining a new license. Note that a new license for the backup module may only be obtained by contacting your local Xerox Licensing Center or Xerox Support.


It is only necessary to obtain a new license when upgrading to version if your FreeFlow Core configuration includes the Variable Data optional module.

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