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Re: Variable From Gang Run



Thanks you.


That worked. 

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Re: Variable From Gang Run

You are correct, the $FFwfDoc.inputFileName$ is the filename for each job's file.


When you submit a zip file the jobs within the zip file are submitted as a job group.

The zip filename is used as the job group name

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 4.24.13 PM.png


If you want to use the job group name for naming the file then use that variable: $FFwfJob.groupName$

Variable From Gang Run

I'm looking for a variable that will grab the name of the input .ZIP file used in a ganged workflow. I'm saving an imposition file output that I want to be named the input file + "_Impo".


Example: Job 95552 is used for the input .Zip file name, "", the zip contains 5 business card the workflow gangs. It saves an imposition file out where I specifiy. I want the file to be named "95552_Impo".


I can only seem to find "$FFwfDoc.inputFileName$", which grabs what seems like a random file name from inside the .zip file.







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