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Re: Variable Print Quantity

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There is a sample script in the Scripts folder that you can use for this called ExternalProcessSampleScript.bat.

Make a copy of it. Give the copied file a name. For instance QuantityFromJobName.bat. Edit the copied file using some text editor and comment out or remove the indexes you don't need but keep:

set VariableValuePair[3].Name=$FFwfJob.printQuantity$
set VariableValuePair[3].Value=0

In an External Process in the workflow use the the edited bat file as script and set the parameters.

Screen 2024-02-09 173723.png














I have used "$FFwfJob.jobName.substring(-3,3)$" as an example and you need to enter the appropriate values in your case. You also need to include the additional variable "$FFwfJob.printQuantity$". This way the substring taken from the job name will be passed to the variable for the print quantity.

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Variable Print Quantity

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Does anybody know how to change print quantity without MAX? 

For example if Print Quantity is set in filename - I can extract this number using $FFwfJobName.substring()$ but how can I set this amount to jobTicket? 

or, maybe someone has some script for using variable and changing job ticket? 

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