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logu_ch New Member
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Will Freeflow core support Konica Minolta B&W internal server machine as Printer Destinations


Is it possible to add Konica Minolta B&W 1052 devices to FreeFlow Core as Printer Destinations? They are with KM own Internal Driver, as Freeflow core document say that it support any printer??. I am able to Add Xerox V180 & Ricoh C751 with Fiery DFE  but couldnt able to connect with KM B&W 1052 with its own driver. This is first time I am attempting to add such a device to FFC.

My question : Does FFC support KM B&W device ?? or Im following any wrong step ??

Kindly guide me in setting up the workflow process for KM device. 

Appreciate your suggestion & help. Thanks in Advance.




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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Michael325861-xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Will Freeflow core support Konica Minolta B&W internal server machine as Printer Destination

FreeFlow Core natively supports connectivity to all current Xerox devices. A complete list of supported Xerox printers can be found in the Release Notes on > Support & Drivers. While it may be possible to connect to third party devices, the protocols these devices use may not produce the same results as Xerox devices and, therefore, results may vary.

However, it is still possible to submit jobs from FreeFlow Core to any device - Xerox or third-party, via the Save component, which can be mapped to a hotfolder or print queue on the third party device. While not offering the same level of (upstream) automation as printing to Xerox devices from FreeFlow Core, hotfolders do provide a convenient, and printer-specific way to streamline job submission at the DFE (downstream), commonly used by the majority of Customers.

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