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Re: XML data to IGen4

I believe that there's an SDK program that will provide you information on the supported interfaces to FreeFlow Print Server.

I also believe FFPrintManager will accept a JDF ticket and enable submission to FFPrint Server.


I would reach out to your analyst for additional information.


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XML data to IGen4

I want to be able to pass info from a XML "job ticket" that has been created from my internal online storefront and attach it to jobs I am sending to my iGen's. I have a some tools to work with but and not sure where to start the process.


We have Freeflow Print server version 9, running on our iGen's. I also have a copy of Freeflow Print Manager also version 9. All of our jobs are processing through Enfocus SWITCH so some data conversion could be done there. I also have access to programmers that  would be able to do some custom programming.


I was thinking about passing JDF data, but am not sure how to create it or format it properly for the iGens.




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