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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Xerox 560 FreeFlow Print Server Setup Problem??

This forum is for FreeFlow Core (not the Print Server). I belive this may be the Xerox URL you are looking for: 

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Xerox 560 FreeFlow Print Server Setup Problem??

it's a bit long story. everytthing started with these images(p1), freeflow was not giving true color compared to printers onboard controller so i started standart color correctting procedure; first calibration if it won't effect the statue make a new color profile. so i did it but even color profile did not solved my problem. I tought it was an software issue. I started to reinstall the system it crashed at this point (p2). now i have no running freeflow. I also tried to reboot the disk to install brand new system again i insert the cd which i tried before and now it started to crash at this point (p3). I think it might be caused by cd/dvd reader. 

What i need:

Boot and run the installed from usb 

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