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Re: Xerox Free Flow core and Fujifilm XMF software

This is ok.but what i want to know that as my customer is a newspaper printer. Can we offer free flow core as an alternative to fuji film XMF software. This customer is presently using XMF software.

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Re: Xerox Free Flow core and Fujifilm XMF software

My company actually uses both. 


FreeFlow Core is way to automate processes like preflight, imposition, and distribution to various output devices.

Fuji XMF is a Pre-Media job management system for all of a company's jobs where they will stay until archived or deleted. 

You can automate some things with XMF hot folders, but for advanced automation I use FFC.

When it comes to company wide job managemet, color management, lithographic screen technology, etc. I would say XMF is the way to go.

FFC is not meant to be a long term storage and job management system, and if too many jobs are present, FFC performance suffers.

Hope that helps.


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Xerox Free Flow core and Fujifilm XMF software


 Xerox Free flow core can do the same work but Fujifilm XMF software can do? Actually i approached to a customer for free flow core, this customer is printing newspaper and using Fuji film XMF software, This customer want to know that whether free flow core can replace XMF software or not.

Please advise.

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