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Re: booklet creating fails

This forum is for FreeFlow Core which is not the same product as FreeFlow Print Server (the DFE for that printer).

I can answer any question on FFCore. However, I am not an SME on FFPS.


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booklet creating fails

Hi, I am new to this forum.

I have a xerox DocuColor 242 attached to a Freeflow 7.0 SP3 RIP. It works beautifully almost all the time.

I am trying to print a 32 page stapled booklet but only get 2 -5 booklets printed before the machine stops. It always faults on the same page. The booklet is a yearbook with pictures and text (all one font: Arial) I have preflighted the booklet file in the Freeflow software and have no conflicts. I printed a DocuColor 242 Error history report and the error says   Post 2ndvBTR Sensor On Jam. Could th problem be with the DocuColor 242 not the Freeflow? 

Any help would greatly be appreciated

David Guida

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