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Re: how to add a blank page in a mixed plex job

We cannot read the PDF file to find the document boundaries. However, you can pass the boundaries as a variable via MAX and use the content of the manifest column as a variable in the page range field.


The main thing to consider is that the page range needs to be for the entire document not for each record.

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how to add a blank page in a mixed plex job

In ESv3-02 Versioned Books, we can add a blank page in each of pdf file that can multiple by 2. i.e.) 31,12, 25 can change to 32, 12 ,26. But it is for multiple pdf files


If it is only have a mixed plex pdf job, e.g.) telephone statement, 1 pdf file have 1000 customer's statement, some have 2 pages, and some have 5 pages... (2,5,1,4,...) each new customer will have indicator. can use FFC to add a blank page to ensure each customer have statement can multiple by 2? i.e.) (in one pdf file 2,5,1,4... -> in one pdf file 2,6,2,4...)?




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