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Re: option to disable presets

Thanks for the response (didn't got a notification), can u ask for a request on this subject? should be possible to make a hitbox with: global true or false, and if true display it and else don't display in the global list?

Thanks, Kevin
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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: option to disable presets

The feedback from Process Manager was to use more presets to help with "global" changes and thus make it easier to deal with changing environments - say you need to change the save server details, you can change this in one place and it will apply to all workflows using this preset.
If you have a huge number of presets which are only slightly different, you might want to look at using one preset and make it more dynamic. It's not possible in every case, but in some cases duplicating the preset / workflow isn't needed but you can add logic in the preset using the $FF...$ variables or some other information from the job.
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Re: option to disable presets


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option to disable presets



we have some workflows that are standard imposition with standard settings used in some workflows, the preset function serves that really well, edit the preset and it is editted in multiple workflows...




we also have 50+ customer specific workflows, in which the imposition might shift 2 mm. and i get a new preset. i have TONS and TONS of presets, for the save option i have (no joke) 40 presets, which all are different in output. so why make it a preset???. So much i have a hard time containing them all, + we work with multiple ppl in freeflow core, when one makes a preset or thinks: hey i need this duplicate page, then it doesn't suit his needs and he edits it, it gets editted everywhere (yeah presets i know) and then another workflow is doomed.


We are used to working with process manager, which had 0 presets option. there should be a bit more balance between them. rightclick save as preset (like the split pages preset, i think), then the preset is the holy grail, touch it ur doomed, want something custom (like customer related) then just keep it in the workflow, and edit it there!


i really hope there is something in ffc already that manages this! love to hear some feedback, it's really killing productivity atm



edit: not sure if split pages has a save preset function, or it was another component