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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: preflight options in the real world

FreeFlow Core supports a variety of basic preflight capabilities in the base software. There are also additional advanced options, for example - normalizing a file to PDF/X standards, that are available in the Optimize component of the Advanced Prepress, optional module.

In addition to these "built-in" capabilties, FreeFlow Core supports the ability to execute literally 100's of preflight checks and fixups - from basic to complex, using preflight profiles created in Adobe Acrobat or Callas pdfToolbox, which can be imported into the FreeFlow Core preflight node.

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Rob Foster
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Frequent Member

preflight options in the real world

Hi There

Im just about to move over to Freeflow Core from Odystar, The Odystar system has an awful lot of preflight options, helpfully password protected by the person that developed the system before i was here, so my question is, in the real world, do the default preflight settings in Freeflow Core (of which there arent too many) cut the mustard in a real print environment, im just looking for opinions really.



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