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Re: preflight options

We create thumbnails on our banner pages of the imagery that will follow.  This allows our operations dept to match up the banner page, should they need to pull the banner page prior to cutting.  This is the case for us on 8.5x5.5 or smaller finished pieces sizes, as we are too verbose to have our banner page information fit on a business card for example.


Insert Page node to add blank page

watermark node to add the pdf to the banner page, and there is a sizing by percentage, as well as positioning function for the watermark node.


Troy Fischer

Henry Wurst Inc

Denver & KC


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Re: preflight options

That functionality is not available in Acrobat preflight so it is not something that can be automated within FFCore.

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preflight options

Is there a kfp for creating thumbnails within the PDF? Is there somewhere I could get it/find it?

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