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"Internal Server Error" when selecting workflow

I opened one of our Workflows and turned on the new "Maintain Sub Job Order" checkbox. No other changes.

When I saved I got "Internal Server Error".

Now, whenever I try to select that workflow (under workflow setup) I just get "Internal Server Error". This makes it impossible to Copy/Edit/Delete the workflow (as when i close the error it selects the next workflow in the list).

I can still submit jobs to the workflow, but they don't process properly ("0 pages") and doesn't get sent to the printer (although they end up in "completed").


I do not know if the "Maintain Sub Job Order" checkbox was related, as I tested to turn it on on another workflow that should have been effectively identical (it was based on a copy), and that worked fine.


I will talk to our Xerox contact, but figured it was worth posting here as well in case anyone else has experienced this.

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