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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: "Job Properties" information (FF Core vs FF Output Manager)

Unfortuneately, there is no way to configure the information provided in Job Properties. The Core Reports utility associated FFCore can provide some of the information you are looking for -- assuming the DFE provides the information to FFCore.

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"Job Properties" information (FF Core vs FF Output Manager)

Currently our client is using FreeFlow Process Manager (FFPM) and FreeFlow Output Manager (FFOM). We are in the process of transitioning to FreeFlow Core (FFCore).

A job (pdf) is submitted to FreeFlow (FreeFlow Core) via a Hot Folder, along with a separate xpif print ticket and a MAX .csv file.

With FFOM, our client can view all information of the associated xpif print ticket to determine which printer to send the job to, and check if there is any special instructions for the print job.

However a lot of "Job Properties" information displayed in FFOM are missing from FFCore. e.g.

  • weight <media-weight-metric>
  • color <media-color >
  • operator message <job-message-to-operator>
  • special pages instruction <cover-front> <cover-back> .. etc.

Is there any way in FFCore to display all information associated with the xpif print ticket?

Is there any way to configure what can be displayed in the FFCore "Job Properties"?



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