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Re: "Redirecting" a paper stock

I assume that this is a FreeFlow Print Server question. I do not think that the functionality you want is available. However, I would suggest asking the question to the usual FreeFlow Print Server support channels.

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"Redirecting" a paper stock

I have created custom paper stock "Mystock" in freeflow and have been using it for a while. Numerous colleagues of mine, who are using the printer, have beeen using the Mystock as well for printing, for example, Word and Excel files.


After removing the stock from freeflow, their word & excel files, which have been previously using Mystock, are still asking for Mystock and one has to manually adjust the printing preferences of each file to use the now default paperstock instead of asking for Mystock.


Is there any way to do this automatically? That is, if Freeflow receives a job that is asking for Mystock, that it would use another paper stock instead?

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