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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: running FF Core on a virtual server

Please refer to the Customer Expectations Document (CED) for Minimum System Requirements. This document may be obtained from the Support & Drivers section on


Installation of FreeFlow Core is supported in a virtual environment. The virtual environment must be configured to meet or exceed (recommended) the Minimum System Requirements as specified in the CED. When installing the software in a virtual environment, it is the Customers’ responsibility to fully support the virtual environment and virtual environment software itself. Customers must also provide a fully-configured virtual environment, including access and support thereof to Xerox support, as necessary.


Note that software issues will only be supported if they can be reproduced on the standard FreeFlow product configuration. For problems unique to the virtual environment itself, Xerox will make best effort to fix.

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FreeFlow User

running FF Core on a virtual server

Rialto ECAT client would like to run FF Core on virtual server. What are the requirements for running FF Core in a virtual environment? 

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