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Re: stuck transaction

Thank you.  I will submit to the Hotline.  Not a big issue, as we have submitted over 400 jobs since this transaction became stuck.  But we wanted to tweak our workflow today, so we need to clear this one out.


Thanks again.



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Re: stuck transaction

We have some functionality to automatically pause / resume submission to the DFE. Perhaps something is triggering that functionality. Can you submit this to the hotline?



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stuck transaction

We have occassionally had transactions that stay in a "Pending Submiission to Destination" status.  We are unable to cancel these transactions, as we get a "Job 19072 is in state PausedatPrinter and cannot be cancelled"  We are also unable to delete these transactions, although when we try, we get no error message, but the transaction stays in the Pending Submission status.


We have found that rebooting the server will fail these transactions so that we can clear them out, or work on the Workflows that are locked.


Is there any other way to clear these stuck transactions?


Troy Fischer

Henry Wurst


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