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Johannes F
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Re: txt file feeding QR codes?

Hi Antoine, this is a case for FreeFlow VI Suite. If you were at Drupa I would show it to you in a minute. VI Compose does the composition on the RIP - you may need to get a temporary license for this from Xerox licensing. The design can be done with VI Design Express (Plug-In for InDesing). The 30 day trial of this can be downloaded from With this software you would need one record with the business cards details including the number of copies you want. You would then use the field with the number of copies as variable copy factor and use the copy counter as part of the QR code. Instead of using VI Compose on the rip you could also use the VI module of FF core or VI eCompose... With regards from Drupa Johannes Ferger
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Re: txt file feeding QR codes?

I would recomend XMPie to generate the files, this can also imposition the files. The other benefit is that you can select from different formats, and use the fastest one for your rip.


You can use Core for imposition the file from XMPie, but you will need the Variable data module to use produce files for fast ripping. 


I think the fastest and easiest solution is to use XMPie software. Since you don`t need to splitt the datafile and it generates QR code ont the fly.




Ken Carlsen
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Re: Urgent ~ txt file feeding QR codes?

Just to add to Antoine's request


- 1 double sided business card

- 24up on 12 x18

- printing out 170K business cards

- QR code to be different on each business card

- QR code 1 inch x 1 inch

- text input file has 170K different strings with QR code values


Desired output is : 170K business cards 24 up on 12x18 with a unique QR code on each card.


This is so that when the Business card comes back, they will know by scanning the QR code who returned it.

Re: Urgent ~ txt file feeding QR codes?

I've recommended for now that the customer split his 170000 records into a 24 fields csv, preimpose 24up and DataMerge it in InDesign to then use FreeForm in the Fiery.I don't know at this point if this will choke the Fiery.


If anyone knows how Core can help with this that would be sweet.


Thanks again!

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txt file feeding QR codes?



I have a customer that has an immediate need to print QR codes off a text file.

This is a trial install at a large account.


Any indications would be helpful.



I did a logmein to show him how to do a DataMerge for QR codes in indesign (prefix values with #).

He'll chunk it down to 10K sessions or less and use Freeform to run the job.


We'll be talking about XMPie and Core, however at this stage I still don't know how or if Core can do it.






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