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SBaumann New Member
New Member

Can't find publisher in FFDP upload utility

We recently created a new publisher via the GTxcel "Getting Started" form. GTXcel confirms that this publisher is ready to accept uploads and states we should be able to select it from the "Publisher" dropdown list in Digital Publisher. However, the publisher name is not appearing in the dropdown. Can you help me locate it? Thanks!

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Eric-Xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Can't find publisher in FFDP upload utility

During the training, the account access should have been configured, set up and validated.  Something seems to have changed.


When the FFDP Order Tool is started, it tries to connect to GTxcel Dashboard.  An error message is raised if there is a blockage.  I assume you're not seeing any errors, thus network connection should be OK.  From there, the list of publishers is automatically populated in the FFDP Order Tool.  Likewise the list of titles is also automatically populated.


I think you'll need to call the support team to look at your configuration.

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