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Re: Cant Impose Business Cards in Freeflow

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Re: Cant Impose Business Cards in Freeflow

This should be pretty simple to do. Can you post a screenshot of your settings?


About putting different business cards on a layout:

You need to submit the 20 business cards as a single job.

You can do that via JMF, manifest or via job submission (via the Submit Job... dialog).


It sounds like the last method would apply to you.

You should be able to upload multiple business cards into a workflow that would have a Join and then 20up using cut & stack on the imposition.

One caveat: You need to download v3 SP1 from as that allows you to upload multiple business cards as a single job

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Cant Impose Business Cards in Freeflow

Hi All


Im trying to impose business cards - there is a default setting for 16up, or i can manage to created 18up or 21up or 25up by using the 'Custom Multiple Up' however i want to create my own setting for 20up, i have struggled without success to achieve this, standard Uk business cards are 85mm x 55mm, my artwork has 2mm bleed (89x59), any suggestions?

By the way the reason i want them 20up is because i have 20 different named business cards and i want them all to view so when cutting in the guillotine i can just lift them out instead of having to separate them if i did them in sets on top of each other, this is an ongoing issue as i usually get batches of 20's. I can if i want (which i did) impose them in Quark Xpress but this is time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated



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