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What is the difference between a virtual and a dedicated server?

In this topic, we will examine the difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server. First of all, if your business is not big and you run a small site that has enough resources for a dedicated virtual server, the best option is to buy a virtual server. But if you have a large site with an extensive database and high hardware resources such as Digikala, Chechilas, etc., use a dedicated server

With a dedicated virtual server you will have your own small world. Imagine living in a luxurious and large unit of a residential complex. You live in an independent unit with its own facilities, but you are ultimately a member of a large complex. In this complex, you will share with other residents of the unit to get around or use the elevator in accordance with its rules. The virtual server, with the type of configuration it has, is just like this luxurious and seemingly independent unit.

In a dedicated server, resources are provided to your website or software in a completely dedicated way so that you can put whatever you like on it, and none of the server features will be shared with another user or server. How to manage the service provided to users on dedicated servers is exactly the same as virtual servers. This means that the user can connect to the server operating system and manage it using the remote management tool. But in terms of hardware resources, there is a major difference between virtual and dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers, unlike virtual servers, do not have restrictions on hardware resources. In this way, a server is physically and completely provided to the user and can manage it as he wishes. On dedicated servers, there are no restrictions on the use of resources for the user, and the user will use the server hardware as long as it has the processing power.

The difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server is the price that the cost of providing a virtual server is lower than a dedicated server.

Dedicated server has very high resources compared to virtual server. Finally, the virtual server is shared with other machines in some sources, such as power or network cards. It has nothing in common with a dedicated server.

Installing custom operating systems on a virtual server depends on the images of them embedded in the host server. If it is possible to install all versions of the operating system on a dedicated server.

In case of need and any disruption, the transfer to another server in the virtual server will be much faster than the dedicated server. Virtual servers have more flexibility in this regard and can be easily transferred to another server.

Hardware power on a dedicated server is higher due to lack of sharing and limited resources such as CPU, main memory and data storage space.

With other users not having access to the dedicated server, there is higher security for its information.

One of the most important differences between a virtual server and a dedicated server is bandwidth, which provides more dedicated bandwidth on the dedicated server.

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Re: What is the difference between a virtual and a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are single-tenant environments: only one client has access to the hardware. Virtual servers are multi-tenant environments: a client has sole access to the virtual server environment, but they share the hardware with two or more clients.

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