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#2. What's the "Community Toolbar" and why doesn't it work with Safari?

After installing the latest Xerox driver updates for my Mac, I get this screen message every time I start up: "COMMUNITY TOOLBAR" "We're sorry, but the Safari browser version you are currently using does not support the community toolbar."


I can't close that window by hitting the return key, because the (Close) button is not responsive to keyboard strokes. I have to use the mouse to get rid of that message window. It includes no option (which Apple always provides) to select "do not show again." Evidently, there is a secret and complicated procedure to get rid of this nuisance, but the search words "toolbar" or "tool bar" do not bring up any results from any location I have tried across the entire Xerox website.


My current version of Safari is intended to provide maximum compatibility with Internet sites. Xerox, instead of saying Safari does not support the toolbar, should say the toolbar does not work with Safari -- and fix it. Or at least provide an easy way to kill the message window and prevent its re-occurence.


Answers, anyone?

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Re: #2. What's the "Community Toolbar" and why doesn't it work with Safari?

An update to the Community Toolbar problem.


The pop-up alert I described here became a more serious problem yesterday, when it interfered with my workflow by popping up each time I opened a new window in an application to drag files from one folder to another. Having no answers posted here, I called Xerox again, and a person named Jack (or Jacque?) found no explanation for this and decided it was an Apple problem. 


So I called Apple. We ran through various possibilities, including reestablishing an ethernet connection between the computer and printer, after previous set-up attempts had required substituting a USB connection. The ethernet cable restores the printer's Internet connection and, theoretically, participation in the Xerox 'Community". Nonetheless, the pop-up message remains unchanged -- a major nuisance and workflow impediment.


The Apple technician made a very good case that it is caused by Xerox's failure to provide a toolbar compatible with Safari, although it may work with Firefox and other browsers. I have a problem with that. All of my bookmarks are in Safari, and I have no interest in changing browsers. It is therefore intrusive for Xerox to launch its pop-up alert without providing any means for disabling it. This is an open request for Xerox to investigate and solve this issue. 

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