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5325 entering and not exiting power saver mode

Several WC 5325s at my sites have the habit of entering sleep mode, then not waking up when I press any buttons or send print jobs.  I have to shut off the machines, and reboot them.


I'm fully aware I can alter power saver/low energy timers online, but that does nothing since I have no idea how to solve my problem using those settings.


Is there some software issue causing this, or some other issue with settings that aren't obvious?

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Valued Advisor

Re: 5325 entering and not exiting power saver mode

This is should have been fixed in Firmware a while ago, I believe everything after 53.20.41 has it fixed.


Latest firmware is 53.23.03 and is located here.


Give that a go and see if it resolves the matter.

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Joe Arseneau
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