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8550 Error Code

I am receiving a printer error for my xerox phaser 8550 that shows the following:




It instructs me to to but I can't find anything that helps me decipher this code. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Re: 8550 Error Code

that error has something todo wit your black ink stick


this is what i found :


Black Ink Stick Count Fault

Testing the Ink Out Sensors
Use this procedure to test if an Ink Out Sensor?s flag works correctly.

1.       Remove ink sticks from the ink loader?s channels.

2.       Place the printer in Diagnostics Mode by:

Service method

a. Turning on the printer and as XEROX appears on the screen, press and hold the Back and Help button until Beginning Service Mode Initialization appears.

b. Scroll to and execute test Monitor: Sensors
 Customer method

a. While error code displayed, press UP arrow and OK key.

b. Scroll to Troubleshooting: Service Tools: Enter Diagnostic Mode.  (Printer restarts).

c. Select test 82: Monitor Sensors.  Press OK.

d. Scroll to 01: Exit Diagnostics and press OK to return to customer mode.

3.       Insert the clean eraser end of a pencil thru the lowermost oval slot.  (The eraser end of a pencil closely simulates the bottom rail shape of a Xerox ink stick.)

Slide the pencil down the white channel guide until the sensor is tripped.  A sensor change is displayed on the control panel.  When the flag is depressed, the front panel will read <color> Ink Present H. When released, the reading will change to L.  The test will only display a reading when a sensor change occurs.  If a flag is stuck, no sensor reading will be displayed on the front panel.



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