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Access FreeFlow fault logs/history

Product Name: FreeFlow
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

Good morning,

I am attempting to look at the history of fault clearance and system instructions for a Xerox FreeFlow application.  Does anybody know if these logs are recorded and, if they are, where they can be found?  In specific, I am trying to look for logs pertaining to system lisence expiration, as previous to the liscense expiring FreeFlow would put up a system instruction telling me that the lisence would expire in XX days.  I am trying to look up a log history of that particular message for auditing purposes.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Valued Advisor

Re: Access FreeFlow fault logs/history

It isn't on by default. System > Log Console



If yours has been turned on, the history tab is where you will want to look (although I don't know if license message appears in logs)


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Joe Arseneau
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