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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: C2424-Workstation Error-39003.40:165452 ??

Hello Snowydoo21,


Actually, the answer to your question is in the Xerox Online Support Assistant here on Here is the link to the WorkCentre C2424 Knowledge Base.


 Just click on Fault Code Search which appears directly under the Search field and enter the fault code 39,003.40 exactly as I just did here.  The Knowledge Base article that should come up will be for a Scanner Optical Test failure and there is one solution to try that contains step by step instructions as well as color pictures to resolve the problem.


Hopefully this helps. If not, at the top of the Knowledge Base window you will find the 800 number for contacting the Xerox Customer Technical Support Center at 800.821.2797.

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Re: C2424-Workstation Error-39003.40:165452 ??



No one knows what this error message#39003.40:165452 is?????

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C2424-Workstation Error-39003.40:165452 ??

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We have a C2424 workstation, it shows an error message of

System Error- 39003.40:165452- what does this mean & where can I look to find what the problem is? Of course, don't you know this printer is now no longer under warranty.:smileyindifferent:






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