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Re: CenterWare Field Name

Hi Fabio,


   I have managed to find some of the fields, so the detail is there, I am just need my full list.



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Re: CenterWare Field Name

dont think you can go so advanced in cww, cww is not actually used for accounting...

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CenterWare Field Name

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Hello all,


   I need a report that is going to pull the following fields from Centerware,

  • Total pages Printed
  • Total A4 Prints
  • Total A4 Black & White Printed
  • Total A4 Color Printed
  • Total A3 Prints
  • Total A3 Black & White Printed
  • Total A3 Color Printed
  • Total pages Copied
  • Total A4 Copies
  • Total A4 Black & White Copied
  • Total A4 Color Copied
  • Total A3 Copies
  • Total A3 Black & White Copied
  • Total A3 Color Copied
  • Total "Clicks"
  • Total Black & White "Clicks"
  • Total Color "Clicks"
  • Total A4 "Click"
  • Total A3 "Clicks"

But I am not sure which column is which in the report writer.  Can someone please help me out on this and tell me which column is which.


Thank you in advance.

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