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Re: CenterWare Web 6.5.19 - 116-324 SNMP related Errors & Blank printer page

I removed 6.5.19 and put 6.0.7 on this Server which required .NET 3.5 and some extra boxes ticked for ISS role/features.  6.0.7 worked OK, could add printers 1by1 again and the printer info page loaded OK.

I upgraded to 6.5.19 after this and now get this instead of a blank window when I click a device, a slight improvement...

"Error x

The application has experienced an unexpected error. To recover, click the Home button. If this problem persists, please contact Xerox Support."
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CenterWare Web 6.5.19 - 116-324 SNMP related Errors & Blank printer page

Product Name: CentreWare Web
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 x64

We're having a problem with new C3070, C3570, C4570 and other devices where the CWW Discovery Scans are causing devices to 116-324 error and crashing them. We have to visit each device and physically reboot them.

I've turned the Discovery Scans Off and it's stopped on our 6.0.7 Server.  I can add devices one by one via the Add a Device box.

I've setup a new Server running 6.5.19 and have it all working with two issues.

1. Adding via the add Devices box is causing devices to 116-324 Fault and need a reboot....
2. Once it's then added, and I click the Printer / Device it just loads a blank page... no printer info ever appears.


Any ideas?

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