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Re: CentreWare Web Anonymous Access

Thanks, but this isn't the problem.  It is prompting for everything except for the homepage - we are wanting them to see the list of printers and their status, not the individual printers (which according to the manual excerpt I posted above, should not be prompting).  The 'All' group for example.


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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: CentreWare Web Anonymous Access

If it is prompting after access to the printer, the username and password by default is admin/1111.

If that is what is being prompted for, it isnt CWW (Centreware web) that is prompting a login, it is the device (CWIS)

If that is the case, access one of the copiers web pages (CWIS) and go to:

Properties > Login/Permissions/Accounting > User Permissions > User Permission Roles > Edit > Non-Logged-In User > Edit > WebUI and allow access





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Joe Arseneau
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CentreWare Web Anonymous Access

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I have checked the KnowledgeBase and any documentation I can find and can't seem to figure out what is going wrong.  Our users are unable to see the list of printers/printer status in CentreWare Web anonymously, as soon as the printers page is accessed it prompts for a username/password.  


From the manual:



Anonymous Access

Anyone who has access to the network where CentreWare Web is installed can view portions of the application. The areas that anonymous or unauthenticated users can access are limited to viewing groups, printers, servers and queues, report generation, and troubleshooting.


Administrative functions require an authenticated user, which is defined as:

  • an administrator of the server where CentreWare Web is installed OR
  • a member of the CentreWare Web Users group where CentreWare Web is installed


Unauthenticated users will be prompted for a valid username and password in the following areas of the application:

  • New Group
  • Printer/queue install
  • Add/Delete server
  • Configure group
  • Install, Upgrade, or Clone Wizard
  • Reports
  • Administration



Is this no longer the case in the newest version of CWW, or did something go wrong with our install?



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