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Re: CentreWare Web V5.2.42 - Status Alert Thresholds

i dont know your solution but i can provide you with an email address of the support team of CWW, they have some good tech people :-) CWWWORLDWIDESWSUPPORT@XEROX.COM i hope this helps
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CentreWare Web V5.2.42 - Status Alert Thresholds

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I'm trying to limiting the amount of status alerts that the groups send out. When you go into the status alerts, it shows an option for Trailing Threshhold on the main screen, however, when you go into the setup, there is no option like that.. there’s the leading threshold, not no trailing.. Ultimately, I'm trying to get the alerts set so it doesn’t send me 50+ emails from a machine telling me it’s low on toner each day..


Attached are screenshots of the front Status Alert screen and then what I'm getting for an option once I edit the Status Alert profile.

ScreenHunter_51 Jan. 16 11.17.jpg

ScreenHunter_52 Jan. 16 11.18.jpg



Any help or if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated.


Thank you.

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