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Joe Arseneau
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Re: CentreWare Web requirements

1. Can't be done

2. Tray 5 sensor can't be disabled so the message will stay

3.I don't think I understand the question, but CWW cannot create machine users, only Job based accounting users.It can also change the admin password for the device.

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Joe Arseneau
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CentreWare Web requirements

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I have been trying to find the following customer requirements in CentreWare Web for a long time:


1. I would like to specify a toner level in the software, in which CentreWare Web sends a warning message.
Unfortunately, only a warning message is sent when the Xerox device remarks a low toner level. When I change this Value, I won’t get the delivery of new toner in time.
However I need to know, when I can bring the new Toner to the Device.
Is there somewhere a function where I can define the event:


toner = 1% -> send E-Mail


2. I have a similar problem with paper trays:
I can recieve warning messages when a paper tray is empty. But I can not define, that I need no warning message from Tray 5. In this manual paper tray, we do not have any paper. So I get messages that I don’t need.


3. The 3rd problem is that I miss a login on the web page or a way to create users  within the CenterWare Web. Is it wanted like that?


Thanks for your help


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