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CentreWare installation - SQL server


I'm trying to install new instance of Centreware on Win2008 R2 with DB on remote SQL Server 2014. I have already database "XCWW" (newly created) in default instance on this server, but during install I'm not able to use this existing database. I choose "Use existing DB server", then i fill server name a then the only option I have is to create new DB. Option "Use existing Database" is unavailable. When i try to create new database "XCWW" then I got message, that DB already exists - that is correct. AD account used for installation has privilege to list all DB on this server and DB owner for DB "XCWW". Any suggestions?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: CentreWare installation - SQL server

That seems strange, perhaps screenshots,  or if its new, delete and let cww create it

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