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Re: Centreware Web admin without server admin

It's actually in the first part of the User Guide :-)

Restricting CWW-Specific Groups
Access restriction is dependent on the groups to which the user is assigned. Centreware Web creates CWW
user groups during the install that grant members specific rights to the application.
l CWW Administrators group—Grants full administrative permissions to members.
l CWW Power Users group—Grants print management permissions to users in environments where sysadmin
privileges would neither be required nor desirable. Members of this group can:
- Create/Edit/Delete reports
- Edit and Modify Traps
- Edit Printer/Protocol/Scan Properties printer action
- Apply Configuration Sets/Check Compliance
- Troubleshoot/Reboot faulted printers
- Perform printer group administration
l CWW SQL Users Group grants rights to run the Centreware Web application instead of using the Network
Services account.
l CWW Configuration Set Admin performs all actions on configuration sets and can edit printers,
troubleshoot, and reset printers.
l CWW Edit Device Admin edits printers, troubleshoots, runs configuration sets, and resets printers.
l CWW Report Display/User has limited access to the Reports tab and may view and send reports.
l CWW Report Edit / Admin performs all action on reports.
l CWW Users Members in this group are granted rights to access the Device Groups if they are a member
of that Group.
To add users to any of these groups, you must use the Windows User management workflow.
1. On the Windows server, navigate to Control Panel > Users and Groups.
2. Select the user group you want to modify.
3. Add the users or domain groups

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Centreware Web admin without server admin

Product Name: CentreWare Web
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 x64

Hi All,

This might sound stupid, but:

Is it possible to have a (domain) user be able to log in as CWW admin to the web interface on Centreware Web,

who is is not a domain or server admin?


My customer has a pretty locked down network with all kind of restrictions.

My company has someone on site to monitor and maintain a fleet of Xerox devices.

Our guy does not have any access to servers, but would need access to CWW with the option to configure it, make changes and access the dashboard.

I had a look at my locally test installation, but it seems this is simply not possible.

I couldn't find anything in the documentation or under the "Help" link in the installed CWW. 

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