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Re: Colorqube 8900 Ink

Hello ColorQubeMan, 

The ink sticks are not designed to cross fit in other models.  Each ink stick has a unique part number, they may look like they will fit but the machine will detect the incorrect ink stick. 

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Colorqube 8900 Ink

Product Name: ColorQube 8900
Operating System: Windows 7

I just saw my first set of Xerox ColorQube 8900 ink boxes today (Oct/7/20) and the inks within them. I looked at each individual ink and found that the cubes appeared to very similar to 8870/8880 ink cubes. 

The only difference I saw was on the very top of each cube with a slight indent on one edge and the placement of the word 'Xerox" and color number.

My question is --

                Are ColorQube inks for the 8870/8880 series interoperable with inks for the 8900 and vice versa? 

Since these inks seem to be nearly identical in size and shape between each other, I was wondering -- Are they fully compatible?

The 8900 ink DOES appear to easily fit into an 8880 (with power off). I have NOT attempted to fit an 8870/8880 ink in an 8900.

I know the maintenance kits ARE compatible (says so on the box), but I have never seen any ink boxes showing all three printers (8870/8880/8900) or (8870/8880/8700) 

So I thought I would ask about this potential compatibility.


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